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About BarelPak®


BarelPak® North America is a supplier of spouted pouch packaging and filling equipment. We offer complete turn-key packaging technology and filling solutions for CPG brands, small and large. Ask us how BarePak's patented pouches will generate return for your brand on and off the shelf.




go PAK™
6oz - 33oz

The GoPak pouch enables on-the-go drinkable consumption of beverages and purées.  This is not your typical food pouch. The integration of a top gusset creates a differentiated bottle-like shape convenient for all generations.

10oz - 16oz

Performance meets design in this truly versatile cap-standing pouch for sauces, condiments, and dressings. The FreeStyle Pouch is designed to fit in to modern lifestyles that demand hassle-free performance. Why scoop, when you can squeeze?

32oz - 64oz

This multi-serve pouch has the highest sustainability impact compared to equivalent sized PET bottles. The BarelPak™ Pouch is equipped with features like extended shelf-life and easy pouring - all packed in to a lightweight design that fits easily in to crowded refrigerators and coolers for backyard BBQ's.


Packaging that Sells

We are confident flexible packaging sells. That's why, our goal is to inspire companies and brands to explore the ways flexible packaging can engage their consumers. We dive deep to understand what motivates consumers to make a purchase. Then, we take steps to create package renderings, 3D printed parts, physical prototypes, and live production samples that can be production tested and tweaked using direct consumer feedback - ensuring your product's packaging is finely tuned for success on the shelf.

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thinner is lighter

Why Flex?

Have you noticed the world around us is largely aware that waste and excess is not a good thing? It's true - the Millennial generation prompted this shift in consumer mindset, which will continue to evolve in the future.  These conscience consumers want more features and performance from the products they buy. In the same breath, they expect products to take up less space and create less waste. That's why, flexible packaging will continue to change the landscape of retail shelves nationwide. Fortunately, brand owners can bank on a number of benefits when making the switch to flexible.

GoPak™ Pouch

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Converting & Supply

Like all things made with passion, we constantly check our processes to make sure final packaging meets every specification. We are surrounded by people who take great pride in what they do. Let us show you how we operate.

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Great to see we've caught your interest! Have questions? Contact our Sales Team to speak with someone who can answer your questions directly. We look forward to speaking with you. 

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